Welcome To House Of Loki.

House of Loki aims to provide lots of interesting opportunities and support for storytellers of all ages and levels of experience. Working as an imprint of Nordic Press, we aim to produce fun, exciting work for young people.

Members of our writing community will be able to chat with other authors and be part of decisions we make going forward. Like Nordic Press , we aim to support writers to share their stories and inspire young people with fantastic tales.

Magic, Mischief and Mayhem Is our thing. We want young people to pick up our books and never want to put them back down. There will be lots of opportunities for new and experienced writers to work together creating wonderful worlds.

Our Mission – Goal & Drive

Our Mission – ​is to be the writer’s publisher, create a writing community, provide encouragement, resources, competitions, and inspiration to writers, both young and not so young, at any writing level.

Our Goal – is to help any writer who has hopes to see and learn from others, as well as possibly become published.

What Drives Us – Writers that get lost in their own imagination, topics, and characters. Writers that have the nerve to look beyond, offer what they have within and are willing to break the rules. 

House of Loki is an open and inclusive publishing house.
​No one is turned away because of race, sexual orientation or religious convictions.